12 Month Service Plan

Our 12 Month Service plan offers peace of mind and great savings. You can be sure that your vehicle is getting the best care, and that it's safe and roadworthy. Even better, you get to save £235 on the cost of labour for servicing and MOTs.

What's included:
1 Major Service

Full service, replace plugs, oil and filters.*
Recommended once a year, keeps your engine
running smoothly.

1 Minor Service

Inlcudes important oil changes and lubrications.*
Recommended once a year, reduces wear and tear.

1 Air Conditioning Check

1 Tracking Check

Prolongs life of tyres.

1 Brake Inspection

Recommended once a year, maintains safety.

2 Car Wash and Vac

To be used when car is serviced.

1 15-Point Seasonal Check

Includes checking anti-freeze levels and battery.*


Total value
(inc. VAT)*
You Pay
(inc. VAT)*

* Quoted price reflects cost of labour ONLY and does not include the cost of parts, consumables and oil. Please read the full Terms & Conditions